About Me

Who Am I?

I’m a badass, no bs business mentor. I work with coaches and creatives with a successful 1:1 process who want to create, launch, and scale an online course and have no idea where to start. I help them to clone themselves, create their kick-ass online program, and set up all the business systems to market and launch it like a rockstar.

My superpower is helping you create and launch an online program that leverages your time, gets more results for a larger number of clients, and creates an amazing lifestyle for you.

Why am I super qualified to do that? Well, here’s my quick story.

From 2006 through 2008, I made a really good living as a speaker, coach, and live trainer. Then in the fall of 2008, the U.S. officially entered a recession. The economy was in the tank and apparently, the last thing companies wanted to spend money on was something frivolous like outside trainers.

As I stepped into my annual planning session in December of 2008, I had exactly zero live speaking engagements booked for 2009. After over fifty gigs in 2008 that paid my bills very nicely, all of a sudden the well had run dry. I was literally asking myself, “How am I going to get my information out to the public, and (more importantly), how will I get paid to do it without a live stage as a platform?” As a single mom, the question was pretty pressing, being that I had no visible means of earning a living based on what I saw on my calendar.

So I asked myself where my “tribe” was hanging out. The answer was simple. By 2008, everyone I knew or had ever met was online (they at least had an email address). And these new things called Facebook and Twitter were getting lots of coverage. I started investing time and money to learn more about online information marketing and building a following online.

I blogged. I shared great free information there and through my social media platforms. And I started developing and selling virtual programs to those who liked me enough to join my online mailing list.

During all of 2009 I did exactly three live speaking engagements and I made over $10,000.00 more than I had the previous year with over 50 speaking engagements and over 180 days on the road because of it. I realized I was definitely on to something.

I often say that the internet and Facebook and taking my business online saved my business.

Since 2009, I have created multiple income streams of 6 figure plus by serving more than 50K entrepreneurs online while maintaining a healthy & fun lifestyle in spite of multiple personal challenges. I’ve been sharing my message from the stage for the past 15 years. I’m an International Coach Federation certified coach and have been using and teaching my marketing strategy for the past 10 years or so.

Making a difference in the lives of everyone with whom I come into contact is what drives me, and my best days are the ones where someone has a huge breakthrough on a coaching call or sends me a Facebook message thanking me for something they learned from me that made a difference in their lives and businesses. The money is great. The freedom is great, but without this component, I’d quit tomorrow.