Launches are the quickest way to sell your program or services, build your brand, and grow your online audience but they can feel totally overwhelming. I have a 6 step process for launching that will help you break down your steps and easily get your launch plan mapped out so you have a blueprint to follow.

I’ve been using launches since 2009 to share everything from my digital programs to coaching offers and even a live event. I’ve honed in on my own simple, 6 step system for launching from my own trial and error over the past 10 years. Let me save you the learning curve and headaches and share that system with you today.

Step #1 – Create a Compelling Sales Page

The first step in this process might feel like we’re beginning at the end since you won’t be sending people to your sales page until the end of your launch. Granted, purchasing your program or product is the last step a participant in your launch will take. But I want you to start here because the work you do here will inform how you put together the rest of your launch. It will help you identify what to cover during your free challenge, who it’s speaking to, and most importantly, it helps you “train to the product” as you create and deliver your free content. 

Step #2 – Create Your Free Content

Once your sales page is done, you’ll want to decide on your free content. You can deliver this via a FB challenge, free webinar, or multi-day video series. The key is to make sure your free content is driving people to want to go deeper with you and buy your program. There are two unique ways to make sure you’re doing that while still delivering valuable content that your audience will be happy to consume and which will help to build your brand and reputation:


The first option is to  do an overview of your entire process. This is a great option because it gives your audience the whole picture and lets them know what to do without giving them your detailed systems for how to do it. You are delivering value and have motivated, eager buyers because once they buy into your process, they’ll want your detailed system.


With deep dive free content, you start with a very brief overview of your process and then spend the rest of your launch diving deep into one aspect of your whole process. This enables you to deliver great, actionable information in one area of your program but still leaves your audience eager to buy the rest of the steps in your process in order to create the results your entire program delivers. If you’re choosing deep dive, you’ll choose the most compelling or “sexy” step in your process (the one that speaks the most directly to your ideal client’s pain) and create your free training content around that step. It’s not uncommon for me to literally “give away” one whole step in my process when I use deep dive.

Not only does giving that much great content NOT discourage people from buying the program, it makes them even more excited about the great content in the rest of the program.

I’m actually using this strategy today. I’m talking in detail about the launch. But it you don’t have a kick-ass program to sell, one that’s laid out in a way that people can consume online from your cloned self, one that delivers results, you’re still gonna need my help. If you don’t know how to put together a sales webinar or the details of the sale process, you won’t have a successful launch. So giving great information that leads people to need and want more from you is smart and effective.

Whichever strategy you choose, make sure the content you’re delivering is valuable and not salesy. It’s ok to drop plenty of seeds while you’re doing your free training as long as those seeds are scattered among plenty of great content.

Step #3 – Set Up Your Launch

Step 3 in this process is probably the biggest because it entails setting up the logistics of your launch. Here is a list of the things you’ll probably need to get set up in preparation to launch.

  • Opt In page
  • Content delivery page
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook group
  • Email sequence
  • Messenger bot

Even if you already have a FB business page and/or group, you’ll want to get them optimized to promote your launch. 

Step #4 – Drive Traffic To Your Launch

Once you have everything set up and you’re about ready to launch, you’ll need to look at how you’ll drive traffic to your launch content. If you have an existing list or online community (like inside a Facebook group), you’re already a few steps ahead. Here are a few ideas for how to drive traffic.

  • Affiliates (referral partners)
  • Sweepstakes (giveaways)
  • Go Live on Facebook
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email invitations
  • Micro-content that leads to your larger launch content

Step #5 – Run the Launch

When you’re ready to finally hit the “go” button on your launch, there are several things you’ll need to do from the beginning until after it ends to ensure that people are aware of where to find your free content. Automation is your best friend during the launch process. You’ll want to use it to set up daily emails and messenger messages via a messenger bot. It’s also vitally important that you encourage participants to interact with you and others. I recommend a free FB group for this purpose. It’s a great place for everyone to gather and share or ask questions, you can encourage participation by encouraging participants to post accountability posts through your challenge (which is a great way to set up what I call social proof, where many people are talking about you and your process all at once), you can go live inside the group. Plus, you’re creating a built in audience to whom you can market down the road.

Finally, make sure you’re seeding your final offer (the bigger program) throughout the launch and let them know your offer is coming at the end.

Step #6 – Cash In 

The final step in your launch is to cash in on all of the social equity and interaction you’ve encouraged during your launch by offering your program or product. Whether you’re doing a challenge, a webinar, or a video series, I encourage you to go live on the day you make your paid program offer so that you can answer questions and create a strong call to action.

It’s also extremely important that you craft a follow up campaign that keeps you in front of your audience and continues to deliver information that will help them decide to buy from you once the offer has been made. This can be done using email sequences, messenger bot messages, social media posts, paid advertising, and posts and live video inside your FB group. Your launch window (the time between when you make your initial offer to when you shut down your offer) can be as long as you choose but bear in mind the most people will buy in the 11th hour and over 80% of your sales will typically come in the last few hours of your launch (it’s crazy but it’s true), so I’d keep it fairly short so you’re not inundating people with unwanted messages. I like 3-5 day launch windows.

Finally, make sure you’re giving people a compelling reason to take action. An awesome bonus that disappears after 24 or 48 hours, a price increase that happens once the launch window closes, a limited number of seats available, the program registration opportunity ending. Anything that creates a sense of urgency in your potential clients.

That’s a broad overview of the six steps I use anytime I launch anything. Bottom line – If you have a system for setting up, running, and cashing in on your launch, it won’t seem as challenging and you’ll have more success.

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