Everybody tells you to “niche down,” define your specific niche, and speak to them in order to make your marketing more effective.

I don’t disagree with that advice, but I know it doesn’t go far enough, and if you don’t go further, your marketing won’t be as effective.

Bombshell…You don’t have to own your niche, but you do have to find your tribe.

Let’s talk about what that means.

Getting totally clear and specific about exactly who needs the solution you’re offering is the first step in any marketing plan. It’s marketing 101. Any good online business trainer worth your money has an exercise to help you define and hone in on your niche market. It’s where everyone in my own Virtual Rockstar Program starts. I’m not disputing that it’s super important.

What I will tell you is that your niche, no matter how specific you get with detailing it, isn’t who you should be concerned with when you’re marketing. Even if you get down to the smallest segment of that niche, they still may not be your tribe.

Think about it.

Let’s say you offer wellness coaching.

Now you niche it down to say you only want to work with women.

Go further and say women between the ages of 21 – 40.

Now go even further and define those women as new moms.

Keep going and decide they are career women who are new moms and struggling to find time for self care.

That’s a pretty specific niche.

And you and about 100,000 other wellness coaches, on any given day, are targeting that exact same market. It’s just the fact when it comes to online marketing in 2019. It’s a very, very large pond and (with a few exceptions) you’re a very, very small fish.

So how do you combat that? You look for your TRIBE within that niche. Those new mom career women who are overwhelmed and haven’t done anything for themselves since their babies were born who can also 100% relate to you and your exact message.

That’s who you need to fall in love with. If you get complete clarity around who your tribe is, marketing is a lot more natural. And the more natural marketing feels, the more you can be yourself. The more you’re being your real, authentic self in your marketing, the more your specific tribe falls in love with you.

How do you show up in a way that attracts your specific tribe?

Here are a few ideas that seem to be working pretty well for me.

1. Speak Their Language

I know you’re super clear about your message and you may even be able to speak clearly to your tribe’s pain, but do you do it using their language? Are you using words that resonate with you or with them? Do they completely understand everything you’re sharing and all the terms you’re using? Even if you’re answering yes right now, I’m here to tell you, the answer is probably no, or at least, not all the time.

What you want is for your audience to literally be saying, “OMG, how did she know exactly what I was thinking?” when they see your marketing. They can only do that if you repeat their own language back to them. So do some market research. I literally wrote out several sexy phrases and words that I thought would resonate with my audience and then tested them, asked people how they felt about them, got people on the phone and surveyed them, and paid attention to the comments people were leaving on my social media posts. Not just what they were saying, but how they were saying it. The actual words and phrases they were using. I still do that. It won’t ever stop.

2. Like Your Mother Always Told You, Just Be Yourself

Like Oscar Wilde said, “Just be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” This one is huge and something I’m still learning. In 2018, I completely switched up my nich, branding, marketing, and offerings. I had been working with home party plan direct sellers for over ten years and wanted to follow my passion and work with women entrepreneurs who wanted to build an online business. The direct sales niche was really conservative and, without even realizing it, I molded my marketing self to fit into that. I didn’t really mind but I also realized that it wasn’t who I really was. Once I made the switch last year, it took me some time to trust myself and know that my new niche was not only okay with exactly who I was, but wanted to interact with that woman.

I’ve been much more relaxed and real in my messaging over the past three months or so and I know it’s working to both attract my new tribe and purge my old one. I know because I still have about 3500 people from my old niche on my mailing list. A few weeks ago I sent out an email with the title, “If It’s Not A HELL YES, It’s a HELL NO.” I used the term “badass” in the body of the email.

I got several responses from that email, but there were two that spoke the loudest to me. The first was from someone in my old niche who literally said “Is this really you? I’m shocked by your language!” The other one was from one of my current clients who said “This is a freakin’ awesome email!” The more I embrace exactly who I am and share that in an authentic way with my audience, the more those who love me move closer and those who don’t move away (which is perfect). I’m finding my tribe by being exactly who I am.

3. Follow Your Intuition and Use Your Experience

I prepare for my Monday live trainings on Sunday morning. I’m an early riser and I get up before Mark so the house is quiet. I check in with my higher power and ask myself some version of this question…”What do these amazing, beautiful women need to hear from me tomorrow? What will impact them that I can share?” Then I create the training. I do the same with with the emails I share and the posts I create here.

That doesn’t mean I don’t work with any plan at all, but I’m a big believer that intuition is paramount and, more importantly, any action I’m taking in my business has to be approached from a space of feeling good about doing it and what it’s providing to the people with whom I’m sharing. I actually plan out all my marketing and messaging at the beginning of each month and sometimes I follow it. I keep a Trello board with ideas for my Monday lives and sometimes I use one of those ideas, but sometimes I don’t. If it feels right, I follow the plan. If it doesn’t, I follow my intuition. That’s been working great for me.

So there you have it. 3 pretty simple ideas that could totally change the way you communicate with your tribe. Speak their language, be yourself, and follow your intuition. That’s a simple formula that will, I promise you, not only reach your niche but speak directly to your tribe…the subsection within that niche who love you, your message, and the way you show up. That’s where your next client is hanging out.

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