If you’re still working to become the coach you think clients want you to be, I’d love to encourage you to start focusing on attracting the clients who are thrilled to work with the coach you are.

Because if you don’t love your clients, it impacts the quality of work you do.

If every time you see “that one client’s” name on your calendar you have to steel yourself for the coaching call, it’s a big problem.

I used to work like this. I had so much fear about money and so many beliefs around scarcity that I said yes to any client who came my way, even when they weren’t right for me.

I discounted my rates in order to help the wrong clients say yes to me. I agreed to things I didn’t want to do and over delivered.

My clients didn’t get results and I truly hated my job. On the days I knew I had to coach a client, I drug myself out of bed and pasted on a smile.

I felt resentful when I did projects I’d agreed to that were outside the scope of our coaching agreement. I felt like I had to give and give in order to prove my worth because I’d been hired by someone who wasn’t that committed to their own results.

My coaching was uninspired and my clients weren’t moving forward. It didn’t matter what I did or how much I gave, they never took action so they never got results. It wasn’t their fault, it was mine.

It turns out, I was working with the wrong clients.

The day I made the decision to only work with clients who couldn’t wait to pay me for my expertise, everything changed.

I promised myself, if it wasn’t a HELL YES! from a client, it was a HELL NO! from me. No more talking anyone into working with me or adding things onto my packages to convince them to buy them. No more discounting my prices or letting potential clients dictate the terms of our coaching agreement.

I took back my power and everything changed. I began to clearly define exactly what I would (and wouldn’t) do to help my clients get results. I zeroed in on exactly who I help (and who I don’t), and I doubled my prices.

The first month I made this shift, I got two of the highest paying clients I’ve ever gotten in the very first week. They both said yes on the spot and gave me their credit cards right then and there, over the phone.

Here’s exactly why I know that happened:

✳️ My mindset shifted and I started clearly focusing on who I wanted to be working with (Law of Attraction works, ya’ll). I made a list of exactly who my ideal clients were and I read it every day (I still do). My ideal clients is

  • A confident coach
  • Positive
  • Innovative but unsure of what to do
  • Ready to grow
  • Overwhelmed
  • Has an abundance mentality
  • Female
  • Powerful
  • Trusting
  • Curious

✳️ I stepped fully and unapologetically into my “zone of genius” and knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I could get results for my ideal clients.

✳️ My strategy calls became about getting the best possible outcomes for my potential clients instead of worrying about talking them into saying yes. Sometimes I even talk them OUT of it if they aren’t the right fit.

✳️ My confidence when I make my offer now is clear. I have no problem sharing my package or my prices, knowing that my perfect clients can’t wait to pay me.

I’m happy to report that I love coaching my 1:1 and group coaching clients now. I look forward to those calls because I love my clients. They are badass and brave and powerful and my coaching is helping them step fully into those qualities, even if they haven’t completely embraced them yet.

What about you? Can you relate to this? Does it empower you to think about your coaching business in a new way?

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