Do you have an amazing process that gets people results (I call this your “Superpower”) and so you know if you can just get it out into the world, you could build a business around it?

Do you feel like it will be too much work to turn your superpower into a profitable business? Does it seem overwhelming to know how to…

  • Hone in on your niche and marketing message
  • Feel confident in your information
  • Know what to offer and how to formulate it into something to sell

Here’s the truth. Creating an online course out of your passion or process can solve all of the above for you and become the foundation for a super successful online business. Honestly I started my online business with just one course. No web page or grand opening or huge social media presence (because 10 years ago, social media marketing was brand new).

I just figured out what my niche needed that I was good at teaching, figured out my system for doing it, and created a course around it. I grew a strong, 6-figure business out of that one course.

I have my clients begin by creating an online course. Here’s why. A completed course gives you clarity around your offer, boosts your confidence as an expert, and gives you something to sell at the end of a free challenge or webinar, or as a contributor to an online summit. It’s the single smartest move you can make as an online entrepreneur, no matter what your zone of genius.

Let’s talk about the 3 biggest ways you can use an online course to start or grow your online business.

1. Get your systems figured out and put them into a format that works

  • Your superpower is intuitive to you. You could do it in your sleep. Even if you want to work 1:1 with people, you have to break down your process so you can teach it to someone and they get results.
  • I’ve worked with coaches who are already getting results for their clients but haven’t ever broken down their process who find the course creation process powerful.
  • Doing the work to break down your process into an online program will change the way you market yourself and give you clarity around exactly how you get results for your clients.

2. An online course helps you get crystal clear about who you’re marketing to so it hones your marketing message

  • Once you start to really look closely at exactly what you’re teaching and how your clients are getting results (which is what you do when you create an online course), you begin to understand at a deep level who those clients are and what the greatest pain is that you’re solving for them.
  • The beauty of that is that your marketing message is literally built around those 3 pieces of information…who do you want to reach, what’s their greatest pain, and how do you solve that for them? All of the answers to those 3 questions are contained within a well constructed online course (and you literally can’t create a course without answering them). So you’re killing two birds with one stone!

3. A comprehensive online course gives you a treasure trove of content to repurpose for free marketing content and smaller offers.

  • You can literally go from no business at all to a complete map of everything you teach, a clear understanding of the results you provide, and all the steps in your process. Then, when it’s time to create a smaller offer to get your audience engaged, you simply choose one of the steps in your process and create a smaller, less expensive program from that.
  • Or you choose one of the topics around which you teach and create free marketing content from that (that’s literally what I’m doing here. This is all stuff I teach in my Online Course Academy program. Whenever I’m stumped about what to talk about on one of my Monday live trainings or here on the blog, I go to my content map for that program and pick something)

Honestly (and I don’t recommend this but it drives my point home), you could create an entire course, get it completely fleshed out and detailed, and never sell it and it would still be worth your time because of these three points.

Bottom line, creating an online course around your superpower can build your confidence, help you get crystal clear about exactly who you’re marketing to and how you help them, and give you the content you need to market your business and sell your expertise.

The problem? You probably have no idea where to begin to organize your information into a simple, clear online program that will get your clients results. There’s a lot to that process and it starts with a literal map of what you help your clients do and the tools you use to help them.

Lucky for you, I’ve got a complete system for that and I’m willing and able to jump on a Zoom call with you and help you map it out so you can see for yourself how powerful the information you already have really is and how amazing it will be when you put it into an online course.

It’s called my Complete Course Content Assessment appointment. I’d love to meet you where you are and help you see the route to where you want to be.

If you’re ready to create your signature program and you want to hire a coach, we might be a perfect fit. We won’t know until we jump on a Zoom and I learn more about what you’re wanting to create and how (or if) I can help. It’s 30 minutes and it’s free. At the end of our time you’ll have a much clearer idea about how to proceed. Get on my calendar here:

Here are 2 more ways to work with me:

​​​​2. Join my freaking awesome “Badass Women Course Creators” private FB group (also free)

3. Grab a 50% discount on my ​​”Complete Course Creation 1/2 Day Intensiveappointment and let’s get this bad boy created in less than a day (really)!

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