You don’t need to hire a coach for information.

I’m a course creation and launch expert. I work with coaches and creatives who have a successful 1:1 process who want to create, launch, and scale an online course and have no idea where to start. I help them to clone themselves, create their kick-ass online program, and set up all the business systems to market and launch it like a rockstar.

But here’s the truth…you don’t really need my program to find the information I teach.

As my late husband used to say, “Dr. Google knows everything. Ask him.” You can use Google to piece together information on how to…

➡️ Define your ideal client (this isn’t rocket science but you better do it first and you better DO IT!)

➡️ Figure out what their greatest pain point is (we’re talking the really big, keeps-them-awake-at-night pain)

➡️ Get clear about how you solve that pain (including not only the tools you use, but exactly what outcomes you provide for them)

➡️ Clone yourself by putting your process into an effective, easy-to-follow online program that moves your clients through your steps toward results (and this is different in a pre-recorded program than it is 1:1 with a client. You’re not there to hold their hand so the structure here is key)

➡️ Craft an effective program launch with killer free content and a wrap up webinar that leaves your potential clients feeling valued and excited about throwing their credit card at you.

➡️ Set up all the logistical business systems (shopping cart, ecommerce solution, email funnels, content platforms, and membership sites) you have to have in place to actually get paid and deliver your program.

But…there’s information and then there’s implementation. Knowing what to do when, the easiest way to apply the information you’re getting to YOUR individual business, where to turn when you’re stuck (because you will get stuck), how to sort through the gazillion pieces of information you’ll find to just the information you need, and (most importantly) getting off your ass and actually taking action don’t come from a Google search.

For those things, you do need a coach. Coaches move you from information to implementation, and from ideas to results. Plus, if you make an investment in your idea, your own accountability goes from zero to 100 in a pretty big hurry.

If you’re ready to create your signature program and you want to hire a coach, we might be a perfect fit. We won’t know until we jump on a Zoom and I learn more about what you’re wanting to create and how (or if) I can help. It’s 30 minutes and it’s free. At the end of our time you’ll have a much clearer idea about how to proceed. Get on my calendar here:

Here are 2 more ways to work with me:

​​​​2. Join my freaking awesome “Badass Women Course Creators” private FB group (also free)

3. Grab a 50% discount on my ​​”Complete Course Creation 1/2 Day Intensiveappointment and let’s get this bad boy created in less than a day (really)!


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