If there’s one thing I’ve learned as I’ve coached and mentored course creators over the past several years, it’s that there is no “one size fits all” solution to creating and launching a successful course. Sure, there are some things that all good courses have in common, like quality, relevant information that solves your ideal client’s biggest problem, and a flow of information that gets them results, but how course creators go about defining and creating that varies greatly depending upon what type of course creator they are.

Are you a down-to-business teacher who focuses strictly on the content? Maybe you’re obsessed with the most up-to-date information and so your course content is always changing. Or possibly you’re such an expert in your field that other experts come to you to learn how to teach their own content.

Knowing which type you are will make a big difference as you begin to create and market your own course. So I set about finding a way to create a quiz that would help you figure it out (because who doesn’t love those cool online quizzes). Dr. Google to the rescue! That search led me to an article about how to create an interactive quiz online. It was super informative and recommended an incredibly cool online software called Interact

Once I’d found the software, I decided I wanted to create a quiz to help my audience understand what type of course creators they are. I formulated six simple questions that identified the different ways people work with and teach others. My goal was to keep it simple and fun, and to deliver results that would help participants better understand how to create a course based on their own style.

Interact made that really easy because they have a ton of templates that are done for you. You can create a quiz from scratch, but since I’ve never created one before, I was happy to have a template to guide me. It was really crazy zimple. All I had to do was pick a template that was relevant to my topic and then customize it. 


Once I chose the template, the Interact system let me through creating my course. 

I started with the home page and customized my branding and the title. I could have changed the picture as well, but I liked the one they provided so I left it.

The next step was to customize the questions and answers so they fit my specific requirements. Since I started with a marketing/content creation template, this was pretty easy and I only changed a few of the questions and customize a few answers to make it relevant to course creation instead of straight content creation (about this time I was LOVING this freaking template! It was like someone else had done most of the work for me)!

Now came the fun part. The results! I did tweak the descriptions in the results quite a bit and I changed up a few of the pictures so they’d be more specific to my niche. I loved that there was a call to action at the bottom of each result and I put my free Course Creation Assessment link on the results page for each type.

Once I finished the quiz itself, it was time to make some REAL magic and integrate it with my CRM (I use Activecampaign). I have to say, this was really easy. I actually set up a separate automation for each result (there were 5 total) with a little more detail about each type and how to apply those results to the course creation process. Then I added an automation to funnel those leads into my standard new lead funnel. It all integrated seamlessly.

Finally, I used the WordPress plugin (how easy is THAT!) to add a popup to my website (Check it out here). The plugin was pretty customizable and very easy to configure.

The whole process only took me about 30 minutes, start to finish, and I was ready to share it on my social media channels.

After less than a week of just organic promotion, I had 5 solid, quality leads and some new ideas for my next quiz. 

If you’ve been struggling to come up with a really good lead magnet, I have to say, this is a no brainer. It was incredibly easy to set up and I know quizes are about the most compelling lead magnets out there because I love them. 

Head over to the Interact website and check it out. I think you’ll be glad you did.

CLICK HERE to take the quiz. When you’re done, you can enter your email address to see your answers and I’ll send you some extra insights into how to use your results to create your course and a few extra goodies to help with that as you get started, or you can skip that step and just see your results (although, if you’re not on my mailing list, you’re missing out, so I hope you opt in so I can send you more info).

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