What if you could double your income and work half as much…
Wait, WHAT?!?!
That’s exactly what happened to me. I moved from teaching the same stuff over and over again to 20 1:1 coaching clients a week (which was mind-numbing), to an online program with weekly group coaching.
If you’ve considered either adding an online course to your existing 1:1 client process, or already have a course and haven’t monetized it yet, here are 5 signs it’s totally time to make that happen…
1. You have a process that gets results for your existing clients
2. You want to leverage your time (work with more clients in less time) and make more money
3. You want to turn your part time side hustle into a full time paycheck and finally quit your “real job” to do what you love
4. You’re tired of teaching the same process over and over again and would like to coach people to implement what you’re teaching instead (an online course allows you to clone yourself and your process)
5. You want to make a bigger impact in the world by reaching more of your ideal clients
Do you recognize yourself in any of the above?
If so, it’s time to create your course and make a plan to get it in front of your ideal clients (I love to do this with a program launch).
Break down your process, record it (“clone” yourself), put it online, and then create a high value launch that gets people to fall in love with you and your content and line up to work with you.
This formula has been life-changing for me and my clients. Less time = more clients, more money, and more impact. That’s a pretty awesome formula for success!
Want to learn more about creating, launching, and scaling an online course and have no idea where to start? I can help you create a killer online program and set up all the business systems to market it like a rockstar. 

​​There are 3 ways to get my help:

1. Grab a complimentary “Course Creation Assessment” Appointment (this is pure coaching and no pitch. I do 3 of these a week exclusively for my online community).

​​​​2. Join my freaking awesome “Badass Women Course Creators” private FB group (also free)

3. Grab a 50% discount on my ​​”Complete Course Creation 1/2 Day Intensive” appointment and let’s get this bad boy created in less than a day (really)!
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